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Due to Covid-19 and state regulations we are changing how we have tastings at our winery. We are now asking for people to make reservations and abide by certain guidelines to maintain a safe and transmission free tasting experience! Please read below. 
Latest Available Booking is 5pm. Sorry, no walk-in’s accepted.

Our Covid-19 Guidelines

  • A hand sanitizing station is set in front of the entrance for the use of our guests. All of our lovelies need to sanitize before entering the building.

  • All tasting and wine service is at designated outside tables. Limit 5 persons per table.

  • Masks must be worn while moving about the property and facility, including the use of the restroom. Please smile extra big with your eyes! Masks can be taken off at your table.

  • If you are sick, or have been sick in the last two weeks, have had a temperature, or have been in contact with someone with COVID symptoms, we ask that you schedule your visit for another time.

  • Social distancing must be maintained with folks outside of your viral bubble. Air hugs are a must, nowadays!

  • All reservations must be limited to 1.5 hours.

Staff Guidelines

  • Maintaining regular health check ups with staff, including temperatures.

  • Disinfection of surfaces, including all tables and chairs, tablets and door handles after each use.

  • Regular disinfection of the bathroom throughout the day.

  • HEPA filter air purifier inside the tasting room.

  • All staff will be masked and observe social distancing while serving

Reservation Details

All tastings need to be scheduled in advance through the reservation system below. Reservations are limited to 5 persons per table. Please list all of your guests and contact information in the “notes” section of your reservation, as per Washington State requirements for contact tracing of COVID19. We will not be using this information for anything else but potential contact tracing. Please indicate if you prefer indoor or outdoor seating for your reservation in the “notes” section. Groups of 5 or more are not automatically confirmed unless approved by AniChe Cellars staff.

If your group has more than 5 people, please split your group into multiple parties and make separate reservations for each one. We will try and seat your groups close to each other, but COVID guidelines require parties to be 5 or less and 6 feet apart.

Weather is a tricky thing in the Gorge! Our reservations are related to outdoor seating due to COVID19. Please note that there is a chance of cancellation due to weather when you book your reservation. We will contact you for rescheduling if this happens. 


Please call us for same day reservations, and we will do our best to accommodate you!



By making a reservation I recognize that reservations are weather based, and not gaurenteed. That all party members will comply with outlined guidelines and help maintain a safe and healthy enviroment. 


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